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Vintage Guitar Magazine

Published: NOVEMBER 2, 2012

Eli Cook: Ace, Jack & King by John Heidt


(This article originally appeared in VG‘s Jan. ’12 issue.)

Guitar Player Magazine

Published: August 16, 2007

Eli Cook by Dave Rubin




Published: May 30, 2011

Guitar Renegade Eli Cook Covers Blues Legends On "Ace, Jack, & King" by William James



"As music evolves and grows, it sometimes hits roadblocks. That has been a problem in the past with the blues. Eli Cook’s latest album takes a stab at helping the music evolve. It’s not an earth-shattering turn by any means. Any fan of the blues will recognize the patterns and the structures of the songs. But, at 25, Cook has been influenced enough by bands like Metallica and Rage Against the Machine to let a little bit of that seep in..." "EVERYBODY KNOWS THE STORY OF THE crossroads, where blues guitarists go at midnight to trade their souls to the devil for musical prowess. It’s just a myth, of course, but if it were true, 21-year-old firebrand Eli Cook could have bragging rights, as his scarifying solo-country blues chill like a hellhound on your trail..." "When you think of hot blues slide guitarists names like Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, and Ry Cooder come to mind. But one new-generation axe master stands alone—guitar renegade Eli Cook. Much to the elation of Eli Cook fans across the globe, the blues guitar prodigy is preparing to release his fifth album Ace, Jack, & King, tackling tunes like “Catfish Blues," “Driftin," and “Crow Jane." Eli's interpretation of blues legends Skip James, Charles Brown, Rev. Gary Davis and Nick Drake not only reinvents their classics, it breaths new life into them..."

Slant Magazine

Published: June 18, 2007

Eli Cook; Miss Blues’es Child by Jonathan Keefe



"It’s been well over a decade since a young white kid staked a claim as the next great blues prodigy—Kenny Wayne Shepherd never really transcended his obvious sources of influence, Jonny Lang turned into a gospel singer with decidedly mixed results, and Shannon Curfman never even recorded a second album. Enter 20-year-old Eli Cook, whoseMiss Blues’es Child is among the most compelling debuts in recent memory..." Press

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